aluminum fluoride

aluminum fluoride
фторид m алюминия

Metallurgy dictionary. 2015.

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  • sodium aluminum fluoride — noun : sodium fluoaluminate …   Useful english dictionary

  • aluminum processing — Introduction       preparation of the ore for use in various products.       Aluminum, or aluminium (Al), is a silvery white metal with a melting point of 660° C (1,220° F) and a density of 2.7 grams per cubic centimetre. The most abundant… …   Universalium

  • aluminum — aluminic /al yeuh min ik/, adj. /euh looh meuh neuhm/, n. 1. Chem. a silver white metallic element, light in weight, ductile, malleable, and not readily corroded or tarnished, occurring combined in nature in igneous rock, shale, clay, and most… …   Universalium

  • Fluoride therapy — is the delivery of fluoride to the teeth topically or systemically in order to prevent tooth decay (dental caries) which results in cavities. Most commonly, fluoride is applied topically to the teeth using gels, varnishes, toothpaste/dentifrices… …   Wikipedia

  • Aluminium fluoride — Chembox new Name = Aluminum fluoride ImageFile = Aluminum trifluoride 3D polyhedra.png ImageName = Aluminum trifluoride crystal structure OtherNames = Aluminum(III) fluoride Aluminum trifluoride Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 7784 18 1… …   Wikipedia

  • Indium(III) fluoride — Chembox new Name = Indium(III) fluoride ImageFile = ImageSize = ImageName = IUPACName = Indium(III) fluoride OtherNames = Indium trifluoride Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 7783 52 0 PubChem = 24867261 RTECS = Section2 = Chembox Properties …   Wikipedia

  • Electric Smelting and Aluminum Company — Type Private Industry Aluminum, bronze, carborundum, copper, alloys Founded c. 1886 to 1940s Founder(s) Alfred H. Cowles, Eugene H. Cowles Headquarters …   Wikipedia

  • Neodymium-doped yttrium lithium fluoride — (Nd:YLF) is a lasing medium for arclamp pumped and diode pumped solid state lasers. The YLF crystal (LiYF4) is naturally birefringent, and commonly used laser transitions occur at 1047 nm and 1053 nm. It is used in Q switched systems in part due… …   Wikipedia

  • fluorine — /floor een, in, flawr , flohr /, n. Chem. the most reactive nonmetallic element, a pale yellow, corrosive, toxic gas that occurs combined, esp. in fluorite, cryolite, phosphate rock, and other minerals. Symbol: F; at. wt.: 18.9984; at. no.: 9.… …   Universalium

  • fluorite — /floor uyt, flawr , flohr /, n. a common mineral, calcium fluoride, CaF2, occurring in green, blue, purple, yellow, or colorless crystals, usually in cubes: the principal source of fluorine, used also as a flux in metallurgy and for ornament.… …   Universalium

  • cryolite — /kruy euh luyt /, n. a mineral, sodium aluminum fluoride, Na3AlF6, occurring in white masses, used as a flux in the electrolytic production of aluminum. Also called Greenland spar. [1795 1805; CRYO + LITE] * * * ▪ mineral       colourless to… …   Universalium

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